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eQ-3 MAX! Heizkörperthermostat basic(white)

MAX! Heizkörperthermostat basic picture /p/o/l/eQ_3_MAX__Heizk_rperthermostat_basic@@lhmh07.jpg
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  • MAX! Heizkörperthermostat basic
  • MAX! Heizkörperthermostat basic
  • MAX! Heizkörperthermostat basic
  • Device type: Home Automation

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Item ID: LHMH07

Colour white
EAN 4047976420162
SmartHome MAX!
Weight 160 gramme
Dimensions Width: 55 mm x Height: 60 mm x Depth: 102 mm
Type of appliance Home Automation
Area of application Outdoor
Range Max. receive (free field) 100 MU
Max. send (free field) 100 MU
Type of protection 20
Voltage Input 3 V
Power Input 100 A
Facilities Yes
Operation Function keys

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