Sharkoon POWER Freestanding Grey(gray, Freestanding, 20 kg, Grey)

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  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • POWER Freestanding Grey
  • Product group: Monitor
  • Supported devices: 1 Pieces
  • Load-bearing capacity: 20 wt.

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The Sharkoon Monitor Stand POWER offers an elegant way of raising monitors, notebooks, MacBooks and iMacs on the tabletop. The changed angle of view enables a more upright sitting position, providing ergonomic relief for the back and neck. Apart from this, the monitor stand offers more than just support for a healthy sitting posture: With its integrated USB hub as well as its integrated charging station for wirelessly chargeable devices, the monitor stand will become the centerpiece on your desk. In addition to this, the space underneath the stand is ideal for storing connected peripherals such as the mouse or keyboard. Wireless Charging Made Easy. The Monitor Stand POWER has an integrated charging station for the wireless charging of compatible devices. Smartphones or wireless mice can be simply placed on a contact area on the right side of the Monitor Stand POWER’s top surface. The smartphone or mouse will then be automatically charged with an output power of 5 watts maximum. Practical Expansion of Connections. With its integrated hub, up to four devices with USB connections can be operated through the Monitor Stand POWER. The hub can be connected to an available USB 3.0 USB port on your computer using the included 100 centimeter long cable. Optimum Use of Space. In addition to ergonomic and technical aspects, the Monitor Stand POWER also helps keep things tidy by providing additional storage space on top of the desk. The useable space of 440 x 190 x 46 mm below the monitor elevation has been conceived especially for storing keyboards and other peripherals. Nonslip and Sturdy. The Monitor Stand POWER is made of robust steel and can support a maximum load of 20 Kilograms. It is therefore suitable for larger monitors and other kinds of office equipment. Four nonslip feet on the underside of the monitor stand ensure that elevated screens have a secure and stable base.


Item ID: VZLS17

Suitable product groupFrom/ForMonitor
at/onTable stand
Charging function Yes
Load-bearing capacity20 wt. (1 x 20 wt.)
Number of supported devices1
DimensionWidth: 190 mm x Height: 73 mm x Depth/length: 580 mm

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