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Information for voucher
Where can you get ALTERNATE vouchers?
In our online shop.
Are there vouchers with different values?
You can purchase a voucher with a value of your choice from £ 5.00 - 500.00.
Is a voucher transferable to other persons?
Vouchers are not personalised and can therefore be used by anyone.
What items can be bought by voucher?
All products obtainable through us can be bought by voucher without restriction.
Can payment by voucher be combined with other payment methods?
If there is an amount left over after you have redeemed the voucher in the shopping basket, this can be settled with any payment method available.
Can several vouchers be redeemed at the same time when making a purchase?
Yes, when ordering, several vouchers can be combined.
Value of goods lower than the value of the voucher redeemed
If the value of the goods ordered is lower than the value of the voucher, the sum remaining on the voucher is reduced automatically by the appropriate sum.
You will find additional information all about vouchers on our overview page


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