ASUS Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset(black, Headset, Head-band, Gaming, Black, Binaural, 1.5 m)

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  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Strix 7.1 Headset Head-band Black, Gaming headset
  • Type: Over ear Headband headphone
  • Suitable: Macintosh, PC systems
  • Connection: Wired

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True 7.1 gaming headset with 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers and a plug-and-play USB audio station True 7.1 surround sound: Lifelike, immersive audio with 10 neodymium magnets and volume controls for each channel; Plug-and-play USB audio station: Works as a USB sound card with handy in-game audio controls; Static and breathing lighting effects: Express your gaming style, even in the dark; 90% environmental noise cancellation: Clear in-game communication; Four game-audio spectrum profiles: Enjoy immersive audio fine-tuned for first-person shooter (FPS), racing, and action/role-playing games (RPG); 110mm protein leather cushions: Highly breathable material is perfect for long gaming sessions; Foldable ear cups: Travel-friendly design lets you game anywhere. SHARPEN YOUR HEARING Strix 7.1 is a superior true 7.1 surround gaming headset engineered with 10 powerful discrete neodymium-magnet drivers, full-size hexagonal ear cushions (130mm across at the widest point) and stylish static and breathing lighting effects. It is accompanied by a driver-free USB audio station that features loads of audio controls and sound effects. Strix 7.1 provides an unrivaled audio experience with punchy and immersive sound. Every gunshot and footstep is reproduced with accurate positioning and stunning clarity, bringing the battlefield to life. GAME IMMERSED True 7.1 surround sound via discrete neodymium magnets Each ear cup of Strix 7.1 houses five discrete neodymium magnets to enable true 7.1-channel surround sound (or eight-channel surround sound). Together with the optimized position of each driver and precise chamber mechanics, Strix 7.1 delivers realistic surround sound that makes every gamer feel the excitement of being right in the center of the game. Perfect for music listening When listening to music or enjoying other 2-channel content such as YouTube videos, switch to stereo mode for an optimal audio experience. This fine-tuned stereo mode uses multiple discrete speaker drivers to deliver sound that is more lifelike and immersive than any dedicated stereo headset on the market. Regardless of whether your favorite game features 7.1, 5.1, or stereo audio, Strix 7.1 will reproduce it in the most optimal, natural way. With just a click of the 7.1/stereo mode toggle switch on the audio station, you can easily change between surround and stereo audio. GAME BY INTUITION Plug-and-play USB audio station Hold total control in your hand with the Strix 7.1 USB plug-and-play audio station, which works as a USB sound card and includes effective environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, brilliant game-audio spectrum profiles and a headphone amplifier. Its dedicated, switch-operated speaker output jack lets you easily switch audio output from headset to speakers without unplugging your headset. Only the strongest survive, so your gaming gear must become an extension of your very being – Strix 7.1 gets everything done for perfect in-game audio immediately. Static and breathing lighting effects Express your gaming style with Strix 7.1 and its owl eyes that even light up in the dark. Choose between static or breathing lighting with a simple click of a button on the audio station. Dedicated volume controls for each channel and microphone Different games may use various recording methods, so the balance of each channel might be affected and need to be adjusted. Strix 7.1 provides dedicated volume controls for each surround channel, so gamers can fine-tune the balance without hassles. Four game-audio spectrum profiles With the profile settings, you can enable the best aural performance for a variety of genres, including first-person shooter (FPS), racing and action/role-playing games (RPGs). Choose the suitable game-audio profile to boost critical audio details instantly. Aggressive wheel-drift effects put you right in the middle of the race track, and enhanced footsteps and gunfire sounds mean you'll pinpoint enemies more quickly and with exceptional precision! Hearing is Believing Put on your headset and choose one of the modes below to experience Strix 7.1's game-audio spectrum profiles for yourself. Filters out more than 90% of environmental noise Strix 7.1 USB audio station features a built-in microphone that actively detects and counters more than 90%1 of environmental noise , such as mechanical keyboard tapping and speech, so your allies aren't distracted in chat by noises occurring around you. GAME IN COMFORT Large protein leather ear cushions and optimal clamping force Strix 7.1 is cushioned with ultra-soft, full-size memory foam (130mm across at the widest point) and highly breathable protein leather, generating greater comfort over prolonged sessions with no ear fatigue. Additionally, the headband employs an optimized clamping force based on lab testing using a wide range of head types to further improve wearing comfort. GAME EVERYWHERE Travel-friendly foldable design The foldable design allows ear cups to lay flat, ideal for packing and bringing to a LAN party or tournament. The detachable microphone boom is perfect for easy removal, travel and storage. UNLEASH YOUR GAMING INSTINCTS Taken from the ancient Roman and Greek word for owl, Strix means the keenest hearing and sharpest eyesight. Strix means feeling your environment so that you detect and react to the slightest movement. Strix means survival on the very edge of instinct. Strix is in your blood, as it is in ours.


Item ID: KH#A50

TypeOver ear Gaming headset
Manufacturer number90YH0091-M8UA00
DesignHeadband headphone (closed)
SpeakerFrequency rangeBy: 20 Hz, until: 20 kHz
Nominal impedance32 Ω
FunctionsSound attenuation, Volume control on the headphones/cable, foldable
MicrophoneRemovable Yes
Frequency rangeBy: 50 Hz, until: 16 kHz
with noise cancellation Yes
Connections1x USB 1.1
Cable length3
Suitable forMac, PC
Accessories450 gramme

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